My Experience of Travelling

Topics: Departure Lounge, Chad Taylor, Airport Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Last summer I had an opportunity to visit my friend, who lives in Moscow. As a method of travelling I had chosen travelling by air.
For me there is nothing like travel by air; it’s more comfortable, more convenient and of course far quicker than any other method. There is none of the dust and dirt of a railway or car journey, none of the trouble of changing from train to streamer and then to another train. Besides, flying is a thrilling thing, though, statistics show that it’s 25 times safer to travel by air than by car. So, my point of departure was Kyiv airport Borispol.

Two days before the flight I have made the reservation by phone. When I arrived at the airport, I went into a terminal building. I checked in for my flight at the check-in desk.
Then I showed my passport at passport control and went through the security. Passengers are examined with a metal detector or hand-searched to find if you are not carrying any weapons. After that I had some time, so I waited for my flight in the departure lounge. When my flight was called, I went through the departure gate in order to get onto the plane. When I found my place, my neighbor asked me to exchange with me in places, and I agreed. Then the plane took off from the runway.

My hand baggage I stow safely under the seat in front of me. After my plane had landed, I went to the baggage reclaim to collect my bags, then went through customs and immigrations, where they checked my passport and bags. Finally, I went out into the arrival area.

As all passed well, I must say that my flight was successful and I enjoy it very much, moreover I was happy to see my friend.
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