My Experience Essay

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Life is the most thrilling game you always expect the unexpected and there is no escape from it. We were four brothers and one sisters and my father worked as a barrister in court and we lived like a happy family . i spent my childhood in Kerala and never even dreamt that after so many years I would be living as a satisfied policeman with my family in Delhi. My childhood was spent running around in fields of Kerala. I was one of the fitness freak children of our village. I still remember my mother scolding me when I used to go out early morning to exercise with my friends and brothers (which proved useful for us in later life).I was ready to do any type of job at my youth I was ready to do any physical job. I was active in both politics and sports at that time .those memories can never be erased. That was about my childhood. Now something about my career. It must seem funny, I got my letter for my job when I was sitting at the top of the tent (pandal) tying it for a marriage. I was first proud that I was one of the hundreds selected from the thousands but soon joy was overcome by the thought of leaving family and going to an unknown land. My mother told not to leave. I still remember her crying but I knew it was my only chance I mustered enough courage left for Delhi. The journey was horrible; I didn’t had a reserved seat, the unknown land and unknown language nearly forced me to rethink about my aim I still could take a train back. But I didn’t stop, my mind told it was now or never situation. With
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