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  • Published: February 26, 2011
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My OJT Experience
Finally my 300 hours of OJT is finally done. For a month and a half I learned a lot of things. I had my OJT at Sterling Place Makati City, at first it’s hard for me to wake up too early and ride all alone to office and specially riding a bus but€ as time goes by my body is now used to my daily routine. On our first day we had our orientation where we talked about the history of the company, the people behind its success, the policies, benefits, codes of conducts, etc. And then Ma’am Alex route us to the whole company for us to be familiar with the place, she introduced us to the whole group of Corporate Human Resource Department and as well as to the other department and companies that are under the Sterling Paper Group of Companies. After the route, we help the whole CHRD to prepare the things that they are going to use for their team building tomorrow at Pampanga. And also this is the first time that we met our buddy in the office the PHOTOCOPY MACHINE! Ma’am Elena is the one who taught us the do’s and don’ts of the machine. On our first day we learn on how to socialize and mingle with the whole CHRD people. For the next days we are exposed to the common tasks of an HR; filing, encoding, photocopy, printing, test administration, checking and so on. They are allowing us to conduct the test administration with the applicants so that we become familiar with the said task; the non verbal and the office based exam. The non verbal exam is given to those whose are applying to the position of promodizer, sales clerk, roving merchandiser, etc while the office based exam is given to those who are €applying for the position that is assigned inside the company premises except to those who are applying for the position of managerial, supervisorial €and other high position because they have their own sets of exam.  I also learn on how to create the ID of the Employee, Ma’am Rose allow me to do an ID for the newly hired employee at first it was hard but then I manage to do it all my own and correctly. Another thing that we do in the company is recreating the templates that we use to check the exams of the applicants. We all know that Sterling Paper is known through their notebooks, stationeries’, albums, and other paper works. As the part of the benefits and subsidies of the employee, the company is giving free notebooks to all regular employee yearly ranging from 300-400 pesos or 20-34 pieces of mixed brand; sterling, avanti, orions of their choice. The tasks that are assigned to us are to repack the notebooks for the employees. At first it was really hard because of the combinations that we need to do and also there are too much of notebooks to unpack and repack, but then we did manage on how to make the task easier. We are also the one who is assigned to facilitate in giving it to the employees. For the next days another task was assigned to us, we are asked to do the invitations for the birthday bash. As the part of the program in the company to knew each employee they conduct a program quarterly and they called it “Birthday Bash with the Management”. We did the invitations and then distribute it to the celebrants of the month March, April, and May. And on May 14, 2008 Birthday Bash with the Management was held at the Training Room 2 of Hon Building, we help Ma’am Alex, Sir Kiko, and Sir Jun in preparing for the said program, it turns out successful. Another thing we did is to use the fax machine with the help of Ms. Lynelle of Admin. And also we are the one who create the bulletin board of the company this month. May 16, 2008 is €a very big day for us because the whole CHRD people went to Tagaytay for their planning so obviously we are the one who take charge over the whole HR. It is really €a big responsibility for us because it is not that easy to be in that situation without the help of our bosses.  We do a little strategy so that we are able to do all the task that they leave to us that day, for every phone...
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