My Expectation for College

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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My expectation for college were off because I was not able to get the schedule I desired, class work would be different, and responsibilities. My schedule was not how I was expecting it would be for college. I thought it would be the way you wanted it but that did not happen. There we’re classes that were full or there were no classes for the days you wanted to go to class. I wanted my classes to be only 3 days in a week from 9am-2pm but I didn’t get the days I wanted but the hours I did. Also I really though the homework would be much harder, but its almost the same as high school so far and hopefully its the same all the years I have left for college. There much reading I have to do more than I was expecting but I think I could deal with it. There for being responsible in college is a big role of a new college student, you have to get there on time if not they will lock the door on you. In high school if you were late to class you might get in trouble by the teacher but in college if you late they lock the door on you and maybe even remove you from the class. For homework if you don’t turn it in on its due date you cant turn it in no more unlike high school we’re you do get some points if you do turn it in late. So in some way college is different then high school but in others it isn’t.
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