My Eventful Summer: High School Barrel Racing Champion

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Savannah Pratt
Dr. Stephen Fullmer
English 1010
17 May 2012
My Eventful Summer
“Cowgirl” has been my name ever sense I was put on a horse. Being involved in rodeos, 4-H, and been around horses my whole life is what got me into the sport of rodeo. My freshman year was my first year of high school rodeos, and they have been very successful ever since. The most exciting times of my life have come from the sport of rodeo, but also my lowest of lows. The summer of my Junior year proved it. I took a deep breath as I walked my horse, DJ, into the Winnemucca, Nevada Arena. Telling myself just to relax, and make a clean, run to be the High School Barrel Racing Champion was not easy. I had placed second in the first round, and third in the second round which put me second place going into the short round. Everything came down to the short round. The crowd was going crazy as they called my name. DJ was ready, but my nerves were raging, mainly in my stomach as the butterflies fluttered till no end. "Is everything ok? Will everything go as planned?" We approached the ally and were ready to go. Around the first barrel we went, second, then third. I was headed for home knowing that I had made a clean run. When I passed the timer my butterflies immediately settled. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” I heard the announcer say. “We have a new leader, 16.67.” Tears started to run down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Whistles, bells, horns, and voices from the Utah section of the crowd would easily have been heard from miles away. My dad met me outside of the arena gate as I walked out and the look on his face will stay with me forever. He was so proud. Winning my first saddle and the title of Champion Barrel Racer out of sixteen different states was quite a big accomplishment to me, but more importantly, I showed everyone that I was someone to watch.

My moment of success quickly ended. My Junior year was completely changed. The problem came on July 30th,...
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