My Ethical Beliefs

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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My Ethical Beliefs

As I sat down to write this paper, I really struggled to get it started with this definition. It is one of those things that if spoken about, you know what it is, but the minute you are asked to break it down, the task is not easy. I guess I will begin by saying that ethics is what is generally accepted as right, or correct. Even though ethics are usually use simultaneously with morals, I think morals are more inherited and personal while ethics are what the majority of people in one culture deem to be ethical. In a way, ethics are like a set of rules that govern human behaviors and serve as a basis for right conduct principles.

After reviewing the ethical approaches, a few stood out to me as being relevant to my personal beliefs. The first that I recognized was the justice approach for its use of fairness. When I am trying to resolve a problem I always try to weigh the good with the bad as in this approach. The justice approach ultimately asks the question, “Is this a fair distribution of benefits and burdens?”, which I think is just that. You have to consider how much good or harm will come of your decision. I think that this approach is very important to apply in the classroom. I learned that fair and just does not always mean everyone gets what they want. There are going to be plenty of times when a situation will not have a solution that makes everyone happy, but that is where the justice approach comes into play. In the classroom, I think it is important for teachers to sometimes take their emotions out of a situation and really see it for what it is instead of thinking who will be mad or upset about a decision. For example, if there are ten students out of a class of 30 that can not complete a project on the day it was due for any reason even though it had been clearly set with time in advance, then according to this approach, the teacher may push the due date further down since all the students would benefit from it and the...
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