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Topics: Management, Vice President of the United States, Management occupations Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 3:06 PM
Subject: Organizational announcement from Tom Heisroth and Steve Bussberg

The following is an organizational announcement for 
Staples Advantage Corporate associates and global Vice Presidents and above from  Tom Heisroth, SVP Staples Advantage Sales, and Steve Bussberg, SVP, Staples Advantage.

To support Staples’ Reinvention efforts to turbocharge product-related services, we are excited to announce changes within our Staples Advantage Print business that will increase efficiencies and reduce customer confusion around our offerings. Staples has unrivaled Print assets and we believe this reorganization will allow us to strengthen our position in the industry and become a true market leader.   

Jeff Crump, VP/GM, Staples Print Solutions, will be responsible for Print operations, all aspects of Print field support, and ownership of the total Staples Advantage Print P&L. Jeff will continue to report to Steve Bussberg.  

Geoff Eitland, Director, Procurement and Merchandising, will assume responsibility for all Print sourcing and vendor management. In addition, our customer implementation teams will now be centralized, with Jamie Kapanka, Senior Manager, Sales Operations, reporting into the Staples Advantage Print operations group.  

The following Associates will report to Jeff Crump: 
* Geoff Eitland, Director, Procurement and Merchandising * Jamie Kapanka, Senior Manager, Sales Operations
* Gary Swanger, Director, Finance
* Gretta Staskiewicz, Manager, Marketing
* Jeffrey Holton, Director, Manufacturing
* Lee Ann Holley,  Project Manager, New Business Development * Richard Campbell, Director, Integration
* Richard Martin, Director, Logistics
* Robert Anderson-Ludrick, Director, PE Deployment Leader The Print sales teams led by Millie Tarallo and Ralph Torres will come together under the leadership of Wayne Wilkinson, Vice...
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