My Essay on Age Driving

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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My Essay
Driving at age 16 is what every teen long as the dmv approves your permit at age 16 means that you can just need to make sure you have insurance because it is required to drive. DL at age 16 is what most teens talk about when they're thinking about driving.most teens need a driving permit to go to school purposes.Other teens need it for many other good reasons to.A driving test is taken at the DMV.If you pass it,then you are permitted to drive.The DMV charges you for taking that test. Some people think teenagers should not be allowed to drive until the age of 18.people thinkteens are not fully capacitated to drive a car.people think they will put there lifes in danger behind the wheel.they they will drive unresponsibly.some parents or people dont want they're sons or daughters to drive because the car insurance costs to companies think teens will get more into trouble and more difficult car situations that will cost them more money.This is why insurance costs more for people under 18 years old. In my opinion i think teens at the age of 16 should be able to drive since it is permitted by the state of california.teens above 16 years old should drive ,but only if they pass the drivings the age of 18 they will have mor driving costs will be less because at age 18 you are more responsible.certain hours and other restrictions are applied to teens under restriction for somebody under 18 is that you cant drive on any highway.the second restriction is that you could only drive from a certain hour to another certain hour. Therefore,the DMV should choose who drives and who doesnt.It depends if the person is smart and is good at driving.if he/she is good at driving then they will pass the test and will be able to drive.But if they dont pass it then they will have to keep trying until they pass the famous dring test.
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