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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Write about a time when you stood up for yourself.

Growing up, my parents raised me to live the best Christian life I possibly could and was taught that the importance of God lies within your own beliefs, in which I had very deep understandings for. However, I never really noticed how naive I was in believing that everyone had the same perspectives as I did until one of my closest friends came along and told me that "God was not real." Three years ago, my friend, Alec, and I were sitting on the steps of my back porch examining the sky and wondering why it was blue. "Maybe it was God's favorite color", I blurted out. With the sudden movement, Alec jerked his head and stared at me with hazy eyes. "Aw c'mon. You dont really believe in that crap do you?" Bewildered, I looked at him and asked "What crap, Alec?" "All that 'God is so good and he's the way and truth' crap", he said. Now, I was completely alarmed. My best friend just admitted that he didn't believe in something so important to me. I sat there for a moment trying to process what he had just said. In my heart, I knew this was God telling me to gain control of the situation and tell my friend that he is real. So after sitting there debating if I should get up and leave or not, I just decided to witness to Alec. I told him the story of how I was saved and the possibility that he could be too. After hours of telling him stories and listening to his perspective's, he finally just called me a "gullible Bible thumper." I was so angry at this point that I just threw my arms in the air yelling and screaming that he was an idiot. No one had ever called me this. How dare he called me a Bible thumper when I was only trying to help him? Alec looked at me, amazed that I could get this mad. But somewhere between the yelling and name-calling, my dad had walked outside to settle down the madness. He finally calmed my relentless self down, and simply explained to me that...
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