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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Abraham Maslow Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Maslow’s theory
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is named after Abraham Maslow who proposed it as a theory of psychology in 1943 in a paper which he wrote. He made his studies on human behavior through the observation of the human inborn curiosity. He made his study corresponding to other people’s theories which they made on the development psychology. Maslow’s theory was focused on physiological, belongingness, safety, self-actualization and esteem needs to explain the stages through which the human motivation undergoes. Maslow’s theory of needs is usually presented in the form of a pyramid in the order of their essentiality where the most important need is placed at the very bottom while the less essential is placed at the topmost part of the pyramid (Maslow, 1968). In the study, Maslow described the most essential four needs as the ‘deficiency needs’. He explained that when these needs are lacking in a person’s life there might not be any physical indication but the victim might suffer from anxiety and also be tense (Maslow, 1968). The physiological needs are the physical needs which are required for the survival of human beings. When a human body lacks these requirements it may suffer malfunctioning and may even go to an extent of failing (McLeod, 2007). These needs are mainly air, water, food and other requirements that are required by the metabolic system. When Maslow wrote on the safety needs he meant the physical safety, work safety and health. Even after the satisfaction of the physiological needs there is a very strong need of human safety. In the context of love, Maslow stated that without the sense of belonging an individual can suffer physiological torture (Maslow, 1968). Every human being requires a good loving from the family and the community in which he or she lives in. every individual needs both the intimate and non-intimate love (Maslow, 1954). After satisfaction of the two needs, the human being also needs to have self esteem and...
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