My Esl Classmate

Topics: New York City, Manhattan, City University of New York Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Coneyt is in my ESL writing class this semester. He came from Turkey, he is the

only child in his family. Everything is new for Cuneyt in New York city because he

came to New York 2 weeks ago. He is very glad to be a Baruch college ESL student in

New York.

Cuneyt lives with his aunt ‘s family in Brooklyn, but he wants to leave when he

finished ESL program in Baruch college. I ask him why, he responded that he wants

to pass the TOEFL exam, and to be a master degree student in Baruch college. When

he said this, I can see there is a strong light and determination in his eyes. Cuneyt

got a master degree in Turkey his father is retired and his mother is a doctor’s


In Cuneyt’s free time, he listens to music, and went to gym, because he want to

keep fit and lose weight. I am very happy that he said he likes to go to gym, because

we will be gym partners in the future. In New York City his favorite place is Avery

Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, I am very surprised that he likes concert. Because I

didn’t know much about concert, I asked him why, he said he was a violin and piano

teacher in Turkey. That answer made me surprised.

Cuneyt impressed me as a kind and funny guy, he explained a lot about

concerts that I never knew before. He is so friendly and outgoing. From our

conversation, I feel sure that he will be success in the future.
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