My Environment

Topics: Kansas, Johnson County, Kansas, Kansas City Metropolitan Area Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: September 23, 2012
My Environment

What is environment? Many people have different definitions for it. My own definition of environment is a place or person that can be in certain conditions that could be seen as good or bad. That’s only depending of how people look at it. For example people that live in areas like Overland Park, Olathe, and other rich areas think that Kansas City, KS its not a safe city for them or other people to live since all they see in the news is about shooting, crimes, gangs and other dangerous things. But they don’t look at how Kansas city KS has improved over the years.

To me Kansas city KS is a city that is a good and a bad place to live because I’ve experienced many things that were good and bad in my life. I’ve lived in Kansas City for six years. When I first moved to Kansas City I wanted to go back to Lexington independence, because of the things that they told me about Kansas City and how bad it was. I was one of those people that thought wrong right away without giving Kansas City a try. But when I got to see that Kansas City wasn’t that bad of a city I was happy. While living in Kansas City it never changed my personality at all because I knew from my right and wrong I took decision that may have not been the best but I never changed my personality. What I like about Kansas City is the diversity that it has. They’re so many ethnicities’ that make this city special. To me it made it special to live in Kansas City because I got to meet new people that I became great friends with. I also got to see many traditions from different ethnicity’s that were awesome to see. I also liked how they still kept their cultural values of life in a city that was dangerous What I didn’t like about Kansas City back then was that there was so much violence because of gangs. Gangs were primarily the cause of making Kansas City a dangerous place to live. What I also didn’t like about Kansas city is the graffiti that houses, stores, schools, etc. had because...
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