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Topics: Language education, Linguistics, English language Pages: 27 (7267 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers
The Practice of English Language Teaching New Edition - Jeremy Harmer An Introduction to English Language Teaching - John Haycraft Teaching Oral English New Edition - Donn Byrne
Communication in the Classroom - edited by Keith Johnson and Keith Morrow Teaching English Through English - Jane Willis
Teaching English with Video - Margaret Allan
Using Computers in the Language Classroom - Christopher Jones and Sue Fortescue Teaching English Pronunciation - Joanne Kenworthy
Writing English Language Tests New Edition - J.B. Heaton
Teaching Writing Skills New Edition - Donn Byrne
Teaching Listening - Mary Underwood
Teaching on Holiday Courses - Nick Dawson
Process Writing - Ron White and Valerie Arndt
Teaching Literature - Ronald Carter and Michael N. Long
We are grateful to the following for permission to reproduce copyright material; David Attenborough Productions Ltd & BBC Enterprises Ltd for an extract from the recording 'Groundwell' broadcast 13.4.84, Radio 4, released by arrangement with BBC Enterprises Ltd, (p) BBC 1982 & 1984; Cambridge University Press for an extract from A Way with Words I by S Redman & R Ellis (pub 1989); Heinemann Publishers (Oxford) Ltd for extracts from Listening Links by M Geddess & O Sturbridge (pub 1978) & an extract from The Heinemann English Wordbuilder by G Wellman & English Language Arts (pub 1989); the author's agent for an adaptation of an extract by Ian Jack from Granta 25 (pub Penguin, 1988); Longman Group UK Ltd for extracts from The Listening File by J Harmer & S Elsworth (pub 1989); Macmillan Education Ltd for an extract from Contemporary English Book 6, Teachers Guide by R Rossner, P Shaw, J Shephard & J Taylor (pub 1980); Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd for extracts from In Their Own Words by T Boyd (pub 1988); Oxford University Press for extracts from Fast Foward 1 by V Black et al (pub 1986), an extract from English in Situations by Robert O'Neill (pub 1970) & extracts from Headway Upper Intermediate by J Soars & L Soars (pub 1987); Penguin Books Ltd for the recipe 'Polenta' from Mediterranean Food by Elizabeth David (Penguin Books, Revised Edition, 1965), copyright (c) Elizabeth David, 1958, 1965; Pergamon Press pic for an extract from Grammar in Action by C Frank & M Rinvolucri (pub 1983).

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We are grateful to the following for their permission to reproduce copyright material and photographs:
Aspect Picture Library for page 192. BBC/Sir David Attenborough for page 226. Beken of Cowes Limited for page 195. Cambridge University Press for pages 84, 109, 118, 126, 127 (top), 149, 163 (bottom), 165, 176, 194, 207 and 208. Camera Press Limited for page """ (bottom left and right). Canada Wide for page 197. Collins Publishers Limited for paj Culver Pictures for page 113. Englang for page 228 (top). Ronald Grant Archive for [ (top left). Heinemann Publishers (Oxford) Limited for pages 112 and 222. Impact Phc le Garsmeur for page 205. Just Seventeen for page 203. Macmillan Publishers for pagt and 218. Thomas Nelson & Sons Limited for pages 217 (tpp), 217 (bottom) and 228 (i Network/Sparham for page 202 (top right). Oxford University Press Limited for pages 164 and 226. Penguin Books Limited for pages 99 and 100. We have been unable to tn copyright owner for the illustrations on page 127 (middle and bottom), and would appr any information to enable us to do so.

All other examples have been taken from titles published by Longman Group UK Limi t"

Jeremy Harmer

The Practice of
English Language
New Edition
Longman %
London and New York
Longman Group UK Limited,
Longman House, Burnt Mill, Harlow,
Essex CM20 2JE, England
and Associated Companies throughout the world.
Distributed in the United States of America
by Longman Publishing, New York
© Longman Group UK Limited 1991
All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be...
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