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My Elf

By | November 2005
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I learned to be thankful for what I have, because are others have nothing to compare to what I have. I have a loving mother, the opportunity to meet others, and an education.
On January 12,1982, I was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Is the youngest daughter of Elinsa Abraham and Jacquelin Lyndic. My parents had two children my older sister whose is named Jacqueline Abraham. Our father was not in our lives for the first seven years, so my mother had to be the father as well as the mother. My interest in the area of business develop in my younger years, when at the flea market. I would have to say that she has been a major influence in my life. Her love and encouragement has motivated me to expand my interest in many different areas.

I am presently employed at Footlocker mean while, at work I have met all types of people with different attitudes, personalities, and values. The job taught me to be patient responsible, and most importantly Footlocker has taught me the economic aspect of life both personally and business.

In high school, I went to Miami Senior High School from ninth grade to my eleventh and one fourth of my senior year. I was a member of the Student Government Council, in 1999. I was also, the member of the YMCA Youth Government Program. I am very active in my church Youth Group. The rest of my senior year I had to transfer to Miami Edison Senior High School, where I finished High school.

The fact that I have gotten so much out of life through the love and guidance from my mother. I plan to meet and work with variety of backgrounds, I plan to help people. I expect to prepare for a closely with children as well as adults. I do believe the fact that I attend Florida Memorial College, will give me the further t want.

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