My Educational Journey

Topics: High school, College, Special education Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: October 21, 2010
I never thought at this stage in my life I would be writing another college paper. I grew up with a learning disability; I knew going to college would be a challenge for me. With determination and self confidence I enrolled in a community college and acquired my associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. Eight years later, I am now pursuing the passion I have for Special Education with obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Child Development.

My sister and I were born premature babies. We were born three months premature. I only weighted 2.5lbs and my sister weighed 1.4lbs. The doctors gave us little to no chance of surviving. I was told by my parents, that our minister from the church came in to baptize us shortly after we were born; we both were in incubators for almost two months before allowing my parents to hold us. Both my parents said the first time they held us; we fit into the palm of their hand.

My parents knew that we would face certain complications throughout our lives, they just did not know what until the doctor told them of the challenges we would be trying to overcome as we grew older.

According to the article I found on Discover Health (American Baby. “Long term Preemie Issues” 23, May 2005. http// preemie babies are more prone to develop learning problems, such as difficulty reading, writing, following directions, and difficult with memory and concentration. Both my sister and I were placed into learning disabilities classes at a young age. Physical problems can occur as well. My sister had Amblyopia which is considered a lazy eye due to unequal vision. When she was two years old, she had to wear a patch over her right eye. When she grew a little older the doctors operated on her eye to correct the problem. Till this day she wears glasses and has problems with her vision. Behavioral problems can be a cause in preemies as well. One may have many temper tantrums, refusing to comply with others. Not being able to sit still...
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