My Eating Habit

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Zhigang hong
Prof. Barilkari
Engl 400 sec 3394

My eating habits for right now are as a college student. Beginning the day with a breakfast, I begin with a healthy breakfast, sometimes I stopped by a cafeteria on the way to class, however, I would waste my money and might be late for class, coffee and some donuts have a lot of sugars, right after that I sat down for class for couple hours, the effect will be gain my weight. So instead of it I keep some fresh fruit, bread for toast and single serving orange juice in my room. Just wake up a little earlier and finish those fresh and healthy breakfast. After that, I walk to the class, this way can help me to prevent the sugars stay in my body and transfer to body fat. Another benefits are saving money and help me focus on my classes. A big no no for me is "the fried chicken leg may kill me", no matter how hungry I am and never touch the fast food or junk food. The french fries and all kind fried food have too much fat and calories. They always put how many calories the food have on side of the order, those are not true, because different people' absorption are different, fatter will accept less but mix the body fat they already have will be a huge number. At the middle of day, my lunch definitely will be chinese food witch vegetarian is major and a little chicken on the side, also with rice, because rice is my favor. But not all of the chinese food are healthy, like panda,rice king are all fast food,tho. Same as the fried, I never touch them at all. However, i might feel hungry during the day time, because I like workout. So I eat snakes to support my body. The point is eat less but more times to eat. The point is that do not let too much food stuck in your stomach. At the end of day which is dinner, I limit my dinner time around 6 to 7, because eat too late and I go to bed, the food will stuck and storage is too bad for myself. The drink section for me, water is my major, even I do not like it and also...
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