My Dream to Become a Engineer

Topics: Duke University, Basketball, High school Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: April 8, 2012
A small mechanical train was the first toy that I dismantled just to find out how it worked. It was the initial item in the long list of toys and household appliances that I took apart to satisfy my curiosity. My Mom was not a big fan of me pulling everything in the house down to pieces, but that never slowed me down. With age, I started to learn to reassemble things as well. In the fourth grade, I built a remote-controlled boat using the motors from a toy car that I had gotten on my birthday. I think that was the moment when Mom realized that I had the potential to actually do something with machines, because after that never stopped me from trying out any of my 'projects'. Machines always fascinated me, but in high school I was in no way the boy who lived in his own world working on gizmos and gadgets the whole day. I was more of a normal guy who had the occasional urge to build things like laser-alarms, and was not always successful in reaching the intended final product I must add. Nevertheless now that I am going to college to study engineering, I am really excited because I will be getting back to my old passion of meddling with mechanisms, and will maybe even get the chance to live out my childhood fantasy and build a real car.

Duke University I believe is the best institute for me to follow my dreams of becoming an engineer. I came to know about Duke a long time ago while watching NCAA basketball. When I began my college research however, I was really surprised to find out how much more Duke was than just a school with a great basketball team. What else can I ask for from a university that already offers a topnotch academic program, outstanding athletic facilities and a reputedly memorable college experience? It has the perfect combination of a student body that is extremely competitive academically and people who like to live life and enjoy themselves. At Duke I hope to get involved in student clubs and organizations such as 'Crazies who Care' and...
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