My Dream Organization

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  • Published : July 5, 2011
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In this world there is no person who doesn’t dream. Every person has some or the other dream. Some dream to be rich and powerful while some dream to have the best academic career. Some even dream to be a superstar or a rock star. Even I have a dream - a dream to join my perfect organization after I finish my MBA. Every student thinks that after 2 years of his hard work and time and money which he/she puts in to become the best manager, should be rewarded by getting employed in his/her dream organization. Today, in the world of materialism, there are very few organizations which think about the welfare of society or about the people working for that organization. Companies hesitate to invest in their employees as they don’t always yield immediate profits. My dream organization is an organization that values its employees, nurtures intrapreneurs, gives them the freedom to be innovative and allows them to turn their innovative ideas into realities. An organization where a healthy work environment prevails. It is generally said that employees don’t quit the company but they quit their bosses. Therefore it is important to promote an open communication between the managers and their team members. Managers should interact with their employees, share crucial information and invite their input. The key to a successful organization lies in how the employees are working. Until and unless there is unity in the workplace, the employees will not be happy and thus not satisfied. In line with Herzbergs theory of hygiene factors and motivators, I get motivated with ‘what I do’. My dream organization is one which gives me the opportunity to develop creative approaches in order to increase the profitability of the business while working towards the welfare of society. Not only does an employee expect monetary rewards from an organization but also recognition for their hard work. Also, I dream to work in such an organization where the organization takes into consideration my work...
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