My Dream of becoming an Entrepreneur

Topics: High school, Management, Coca-Cola Pages: 1 (492 words) Published: February 26, 2014
When I was eight years old I dreamed of being a chief. I loved cooking with my mom or grandma. When they would let me help I would taste everything. That is what really made me want to become a chief. As the years went by and I got older I changed my mind on what I wanted to do in life. I would say that is was twelve when I wanted to work with my dad at Coke Cola Enterprise because he was the manager. I watched him as he ran the business which he is still doing. I started to like having people do what I told them to do and just having control. So I said to myself I can combine the two things that I really love and enjoy and not get bored with it. When I got to high school everyone started asking me what I wanted to do in life. They told me that I need to buckle down and take my SAT and ACT and pass all my classes with an A or B average, because after high school it was no more playing around it was all going to be about business. I felt like they were pushing me to much so I got lazy but kept my grades up. As it started getting serious I got nervous. I didn’t know what college I wanted to attend to or how I was going to pay for it. So I started researching about my career and found out some amazing facts. I found out that in order for me to start a business I need to outline my restaurant's menu, and define its specialties; research the restaurant industry in the area; and determine the pros and cons that can happen with the restaurant. The second thing I would need to do is compare my restaurant to other restaurants in the area to see if I have any competition. Then I would have to write out a business plan to, while doing that I am going to include the facts that I got from the first two steps. After I have done that I would have to register with the state to make sure that is alright for me to start my business ( Charmayne Smith, eHow Contributor). As you see there are a lot of steps that need to be done to create my master piece of a restaurant. Well before...
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