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My Dream Job Essay
I am a retired, African-American male, who, by chance, saw the advertisement for the "My Dream Job " contest on the AARP website. Initially, I was hesitant about entering the contest, then realized the possibilities this contest provided. My "Dream Job" involves working a 32 hour per week, year-round job, in a part-time capacity, in a major media'communications organization involved in news/entertainment, TV/radio production or cable operations. Specifically, I will work in the offices dealing with community/customer relations, talent evaluation, or research, in an administrative support postion, research assistant or as a community/customer relations specialist. The job site will be in the Washington DC area (w/metro access), and the job position will offer benefits for part-time employment. There are several reasons that I want to win the contest. Primary, is to maintain my self esteem, which at this point is very important in my life. In addition, to address and overcome challenges on the job, to be involved in the creative process, to be part of a team effort, in working to help an organization reach its corporate goals, and to demonstrate that age is not an impediment to productivity or success. There is also the practicality of enhancing the economic security of my family. My work experience and skills are current. I am will read and confident in my abilities. My maturity and organization are an asset. Patience, good judgement, and the ability to work well with others, define my approach to the work place. Again, in my view, the above are factors that are absolutely necessary in going from "Retired and Restless to "My Dream Job". To obtain my "Dream Job" several things are necessary: (1) research information on the latest practices in effective resume and cover letter preparation, (2) search a number of on-line boards and secure infomation on available opportunities, with emphasis on my best "retiree" job boards, and part-time positions, (3) identify on-line organizations in the Washington, DC area, who hire retirees. Become acquainted with their hiring practices and available postions, (4) attend job fairs to research the availability of positions and identify and establish networking contacts. In this context, research local, profeswional organizations and make cold call to establish contacts. The journaling aspect of this process will, in effect, enable me to communicate with others, who, in many ways are experiencing the same issues that I am. Maintaining a daily journal of experiences will enable me to share my story, my thoughts as I navigate through this transformative process. In particular, as an African-American male, to carefully relate the positive and negative experiences I will encounter. I feel that journaling , as an information dissemination tool, is very effective. I am prepared to record my experiences in a daily journal and provide all the information I can concerning my experiences, for the "retiree". ABOUT ME I live in Washington, DC, with my wife and mini-Dachund, Gage. I have two adult daughters, one lives in Germany, where she teaches English and Spanish to military dependents on the secondary level, and my other daughter works at a law firm here in Washington. My wife works at a lobbying firm on K St., in Washington. My wife and I are very fond of traveling, and make a point of visiting Southern California, where I was born and raised, every year, during the late summer. We also enjoy taking a cruise every two years. Our next destination is a Med cruise next year. Interests:

My main interest is music. Jazz that is, hence the moniker, Jazzman. I was a musician of sorts, many years ago, but circumstances prevented me from following my muse. I intend, however, when I am fully retired, to practice diligently on my trumpet and fluglehorn...
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