My Dream House

Topics: Bathing, Rooms, Bathtub Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: July 28, 2012
All of us have dreams. My dreams have always been something that could never come true. But there has only been one that could come true and it was also one of the best dreams. I had dreamt of a house, a house designed by me…

If I was to build my own house it was going to be great! It would be sitting there on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Its floor touching the white, sandy beaches. The house would have several rooms which will be filled with luxury.

As I enter the house the first rooms that I see are the bedrooms. They looked absolutely great. There were huge and fluffy beds all for me. The windows were really big, that I could fit in. My closet was the best part in the room. It was a walk-in closet and beside it was a large mirror. The Flat screen T.V. was right in front of the bed. And at last I see the hangout area in all the bedrooms.

Oooh! Where are the bathrooms? They are there sitting in a corner in the bedroom. When I enter the bathroom the first thing I see is that the bath tub is a Jacuzzi. There was a huge rotating shower above me. Then there was a towel warmer and a T.V. for me. The sink was huge so that I could put all my things onto it. The toilets were automatic.

The outside was the best part of the house. There was a pool which started at 2 feet and went up to 20 feet. As I got ready to jump in the pool, I saw there was a hot tub beside it. Near it was a volleyball court. It was filled with sand on the grounds. There was a huge net in middle and there were 15 volleyballs! Then there was a soccer field. It was huge and it had an audience seating place. But then what I saw surprised me. There was a party area where I could party with my friends. That party area would turn into a BBQ party area in the winters.

As I leave the house I think that if this dream could come true, I wouldn’t have to share a room with my siblings as there would be one room for all. I wish this dream comes true…
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