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Topics: Macbeth, Domestic violence, Violence Pages: 13 (4408 words) Published: March 4, 2011

“Literature is the writing valued as works of art" (Oxford Dictionary 1974:495). Barnet(1967,p.1) states that literature is a performance in words). Poetry, drama and fiction are some terms of literature. According to drama article a play is another classical literary form that has continued to evolve over the years, comprised chiefly of dialog between characters, usually intended for dramatic / theatrical performance rather than reading. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries opera developed as a combination of poetry, drama, and music. Macbeth and A street Car Named Desire are two masterpieces of plays at that time. Both of Macbeth and Stanley Kowalski play a central role of each plays. Macbeth has a big influence to Scotland and Stanley has a big influence not only for his beloved wife, Stella but also for his sister-in-law, Blanche Dubois. Either Macbeth or Stanley is a dominant person. Shakespeare and Tennessee describe Macbeth and Stanley as a powerful men. Historical background of those time are also influence Shakespeare and Tennesse when both of them wrote each plays. It also proves that men are strongly powerful since centuries ago. With men domination it also lead them become dictator who rule without consider to other opinion. A dictator doesn’t care the effect of what they did to other. What they only want to know is everything are beneficial for themself. Adolf Hitler is the example of dictator. He ruled German at that time by dictatorship way. He ordered his army to chase and kill thousand even million of Jewish. What Hitler did bring suffer not only for Jewish but also for German. In this paper, I will focus on comparison between Macbeth and Stanley Kowalski as a dictator. This paper starts by discussing the definition of character in literature work, the definition of the dictator also discussed. How shakespeare and Tennessee described both Macbeth and Stanley Kowalski as a dictator are also discussed in this paper. I will also discuss similarties and differences between Macbeth and Stanley Kowalski as a dictator.


According to the oxford dictionary (1995:186), a character is a person in a literary work & characterization is the way in which a character is created. In other word character are actor or figures of the story. A story without a character is like a soup without salt. In simple words,without characters, the plot cannot develop and there will be no story. Many experts have tried to explain the meaning of character. According to Kennedy (1983), "character is presumebly an imagined person who inhabits a story." while Pickering and Hoeper (1981:24) point out the term caharacter applies to any individual in a literary work. Similarly Gill claimed that a character is someone in literary work who has some sort of identity which is made up apperance, conversation, action,name & possible thoughts going in the head. According to Hubenka and Gracia(1973,p.8) “the key to study of character does what he does.”this called motivation. However, there are two major specifications of characters in literature,protagonist and antagonist. Pickering and Hoeper (1981;24) state " the protagonist is the major or central character of the plot" and he /she is usually not too difficult to identify. In the short way, the protagonist is the major character who has motivation and goal and also the ones who involved in conflict. Conflict occurs when protagonist struggles against an antagonist/ opposing force. In other word cnflict may arise between characters. The antagonist on the other hand is the opponent of the protagonist. As Pickering and Hoeper (1981:24) in concise companion to literature state "the antagonist is the character against whom the protagonist struggles or contends.” In simple way, the antagonist is the character who has opposite goal/ objectives with the protagonist....
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