My Different Sisters

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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My Different Sisters

Have you known two people that are exactly alike? I haven’t. My two sisters Daniela and Gaby are no exception. Daniela is 6 years older than Gaby. They are as different as day and night or as the sky and the ground. I sometimes wonder if they really are sisters. Although they have the same parents and they live in the same house, their differences are noticeable. The differences between them are their looks, their personality and their clothing.

In most families, siblings have some similarities like hair, skin or eye color. Daniela and Gaby don’t meet this standard. Daniela has a stylized body, brown skin, curly brown hair and dazzling chocolate brown eyes. She is very tall and has long strong legs. She also has braces. In contrast to Daniela, Gaby is a tiny woman, with white skin, blond straight hair, big green, sparkling eyes and long thick eyebrows. Her body is very thin, and her face is as well. They are very different when it comes to their looks, so are they sisters?

In regards to their personality, they are as different as the moon and the sun. Daniela is a studious, introverted, romantic, sports loving, and serious girl. She loves to read books in her free time and play sports with her friends. She likes to walk at night to think. In short, she is definitely the kind of person that has set many goals in life, and in our family, she is the sister who provides a good example of responsibility and perseverance. On the other hand, Gaby is sociable, and she only studies when it’s necessary. She is a funny, party loving, dancing and rocking girl. She always spends her free time with her friends at the beach or talking on the phone with them. In our family, Gaby is considered the soul of the party, so everything is happy around her.

The last difference is the way they dress. Daniela wears sporty outfits, because it balances her studies with her preferred sports like soccer and...
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