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Chris Watson
Laura Braun
English II – 7th

Imagery- “ There was a crash like the falling parts of a dream fashioned out of warped glass, mirrors, and crystal prisms” (Bradbury 108).| AIM- Bradbury uses this quote to show how Montag felt when they were burning down his house and how Mildred betrayed him. | | Effect- Stunning|

| Purpose- Bradbury puts this element into the book to show in detail how Montag felt while his house was burning down. He compares Montags hopes and dreams to glass and windows, to show how it feels to have everything taken away from you and how it can break and fall apart so easily. Montag sets up a mood/tone of anger because Montag is mad at Mildred and her friends turned in an alarm to the firemen. Bradbury uses imagery to give the reader a since of sight and sound to further enhance the readers ability to understand and feel what’s going on in the book.|

★Archetype- “The front door opened; Mildred came down the steps, running, one suitcase held with a dreamlike clenching rigidity in her fist, as a beetle-taxi hissed to the curb”(Bradbury 108).| AIM- Bradbury tells the reader that Mildred is walking out and leaving Montag.| | Effect- Loneliness|

| Purpose- Bradbury puts archetype into this part of the story to show the reader that Mildred is the unfaithful wife, or the woman married to Montag and she ditches him. This is significant to the book because it shows how Mildred hadn’t been a part of Montag’s life for example always being in her “parlor” or T.V. family. Mildred didn’t realize what the whole book situation was really about and how it was unfolding, so she just decides to walk out and leave. Bradbury makes Montag feel like he has a huge burden to carry because his wife Mildred just left him and he has to burn down his house. |

Diction””…How’s that? Go ahead you second-hand literateur, pull the trigger”” (Bradbury 113)| AIM- This quote is meant to show how Beatty thinks Montag only copies book...
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