My Definition of a Hero

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  • Published : October 4, 2008
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Our perception of heroism has been ingrained with stereotypical visions of brave soldiers moving head on against impossible odds, or imaginary super beings. Using special powers to repeatedly save the world over and over again. Although I agree that both examples meet the required criteria of heroism they are not the only type of scenarios to apply to this subject.

In order to be a hero one must commit an act or acts of selflessness; putting the welfare of others before that of themselves. One must show bravery in the face of adversity. By facing the challenge wholeheartedly and without question; without knowing what hardships lie ahead. In order to fulfill an obligation that was accepted entirely on faith. And, the moral conviction to perform these acts solely for the purpose of doing what is right. Not for glory, or money, or fame. But absolutely from their personal inner sense of good.

Many examples spring to mind: The fire fighter who rushes into a burning building; to save someone inside. The police officer who approaches and arrest a dangerous criminal, so he is no longer a threat to others. The lifeguard who swims to save a drowning victim, or the doctor who performs a life saving procedure. The therapist who helps an addict fined his way back from his own tormented mind. Or, the designated driver who takes their friends home safely. The list goes on, almost infinitely. There are so many in fact, that as a society we have become complacent and almost indifferent in regards to their acts of heroism until they affect our lives personally.

One such hero stands out in my life, my seven year old son, Laramie. Laramie was born with a heart defect called Aortic stenosis, a major restriction of the Aortic valve; which feeds oxygenated blood to the brain and body. He has lived a normal active life for almost eight years now. But has recently worsened to the point that it must be removed surgically; A risky procedure that I as an adult am...
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