My Definition of Friends

To me, friends are more than just the people whom I surround myself with, whom I hang out with, or whom I attended school with. They are the people that act like a fortress in a storm. Friends are lights that brighten up my world and help me along the enigmatic path called “Life.” My friends are like guardian angels sent from high above to watch over me, care for me and be there for me when I need them most.

Life is rough and can be very tiresome, but with the help of friends, the trials of life become less overwhelming. Life has its ups and downs but that’s just how life flows. Life is a river: forever changing and shifting. In some parts of the river the waters are calm and peaceful, while in others it is harsh and rough. While swimming along this metaphoric river, my friends are like a force that keeps me from going under. Although my head may sometimes fall under the surface, my friends pull me back up to keep me from drowning. And when I’m too tired to continue to swim, my friends are like a life vest or a piece of drift wood that I can lean upon and rest as the current pulls me through.

My friends are my strong tower. They are there, standing as a barrier from a cold world while enclosing me in a space of warmth, comfort and security. I can be a million miles away from where I live, and yet still feel like I’m right at home when I have my friends. When the storms of life roll through, my friends are always there, ready to endure the storm. With my friends by my side I can face any storm and any obstacle life throws at me, and I know that I can do it without the fear of falling.

My friends light up my life. Without my friends, my world would be a very dark place. They always find ways to put a smile on my face when I find it hard to even think about smiling. Whenever I’m down my friends make me happy again. They really light up my life and make things brighter. If life was a trail then friends would be the stars in the sky. In the darkness...
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