My Decision to Return to School

Topics: High school, Higher education, Academic degree Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: June 20, 2011
My Decision to Return to School
ENG 121
Instructor Pamela Johnson
June 6, 2011

My Decision to Return to School
Life is truly a journey. Some roads we travel once, some we revisit, and others are never ending. My journey thus far, is a compilation of learning, personal growth, joy, sadness, great accomplishment, and some disappointment. Today, I am the sum total of those experiences, and aspire to continue to live well and achieve even more through furthering my education. Throughout childhood, the importance of continuing education throughout all life stages, was engrained upon me. As a parent, I instill the same value in my children. Education is an important factor in my personal growth, as it creates opportunity to make changes in my life, and is the reason I again decided to return to school. Today, I will share my educational journey thus far, and what my future goals are upon completion of my current degree program.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was a very interesting and exciting time. It was a period of great technological advancement, which has landed us squarely in the technological age of today. As a child, I witnessed the first lunar landing, played arcade games until video technology took over my world (who remembers Atari game systems, Space Invaders, Pac Man, etc…), and in junior high school (as we called it then), I became acutely aware that computer technology was the future. In high school in the 80’s, my educators began telling me that in order to be successful, I would have to be willing to be flexible in the job market, and the days of working with one company through retirement were virtually over. They also told me the likelihood of completely changing careers was high. They were certainly correct, as I am now working toward completion of a new degree program and my third career.

After high school graduation, I began college and pursued a degree in Business Administration. Before graduating, I married and...
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