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Topics: Nutrition, Health, Time Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The Jenny Craig Program claims weight loss success due to the various short-term success stories. Like any weight loss program of course Jenny Craig works but only if one works it. For the most part the same cannot be said from majority about the long-term loss of a Jenny Craig dieter. If exercise is not implemented or healthy eating choices as well as portion control of everyday food items is not followed and learnt the weight will come off but only for a short time. Some positive points about the Jenny Craig diet, it teaches dieters in 3 levels. The first is how to eat the foods they want -- in small, frequent portions, the second level teaches how to increase their energy levels through simple activity, the third it teaches ways to build more balance into a dieters life in order to maintain weight loss and healthy diet. There are two Jenny Craig programs one is built around physical Jenny Craig centers the other is an at-home Jenny Direct program which offers information by telephone and mail. Another positive aspect about the program is they have several different levels of support, they have a 24/7-telephone line so their clients are able to get support when they need it as well as online support; they also offer peer-support discussion groups. In order for Jenny Craig to succeed a dieter needs to use their system to its fullest potential and one must not plan on being on the diet for an extended period of time and always begin with an end in mind.
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