My Daughter, My Miracle

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My Daughter, My Miracle

By | Feb. 2013
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My daughter is the most precious gift I have ever received and I treasure her every day. She was always a dream that I never thought would happen but for some reason, a miracle perhaps, she became a reality. Before my daughter was born, finding out I was pregnant was the best day of my life because I was told at the young age of eighteen that I would not be able to have children. My daughter Carlee is my four year old miracle. Carlee is beautiful, she is 42 inches tall, has a nice caramel brown with natural blonde highlights colored hair that goes all the way down her back, gorgeous baby blue eyes with a dark outer circle, the most adorable dimples, and beautiful light ivory colored skin. She loves to wear anything orange, as it is her favorite color. She would prefer to wear shorts all the time, even in the middle of our cold Chicago, Illinois winters. Her favorite outfit is her orange M&M t-shirt with her black cotton bike shorts, and her Sketcher boots that light up when she walks. She loves to dance, go to school, play sports, and be happy. If there was a five day a week preschool, she would be in heaven! She wakes up every day and the first thing she does is ask if she has school today. She can put a smile on your face anytime just because she is so happy, her smile is infectious. She loves to be outside, it does not matter if it is just to be out in the back yard running around with the dogs, or to go for a walk to the local park to swing, slide, and play in the water park. She is a very active little girl, and loves sports. She is currently in soccer, but this is the pre-season, so they play inside the park district gym. She just enjoys life to the fullest, enjoys every moment of every day. Carlee loves to be a little performer. She loves to sing, dance, and tell stories and she is pretty good at it too. Every time she hears music, she starts dancing no matter where she is. I guess you could say music moves her. When she really gets...

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