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My Dad Is My Hero

By | September 2010
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My Dad is my hero

Father is a important person who is everybody in the world should love , such as me. My father makes me born to be a human in order to see the social world. He protect me and takecare of me with love. He instructs me to be a good person. Therefore , My father is my hero.

He teach everything I don’t know. When I was young , my father take care of me as well as my mother . When I have problem about knowledge in school such as science , mathematic , Thai language and drawing. I can ask my father everything I can’t understand. He teach me with persistence and give many examples to explain me and make me understand. During in my admission exam to the university. He work hardly to be a tutor for me. Finally , I can studu in Faculty of Dental Medicine in Rangsit University. As I expect. The instruction of my father maker me know many things in this world for example , how to live and adjust in every surround.

He protect me from danger. For the past , when I was eight years old. I fell into the swimming pool in the hotel. That time , I could not swim. I thought that I could not survive. Then my father jumped into the swimming pool to save me. This event makes me know that hero really have in the world.

He is a good model for me. since I was born. I know that he loves me more than the other and he never hates me when he was angry. He is a doctor. He work hard and help many people with kindness. He is a great leader who I should imitate. He lead me to be a good person. Especially , about honesty, he said, “ Honesty is a good habit that the good person must have “ Now I am confident that I am honest in every situation and with my friends.

My father is my hero that really have in the world. He is very excellent in everyway. I love him very much at this time and forever.

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