My Culture, My Lens

Topics: Racism, Social class, Annette Lareau Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Meghan Lourie
FSA 103: Section 701
“My Culture, My Lens”

When I sat down to write the “My Culture, My Lens” paper, I was immediately overwhelmed by the feeling that I did not belong in any one category. I am a white, middle class, female from a small town. I felt that I had nothing exceptional to talk about. That was until I started actually planning the assignment out, suddenly I realized I had a lot I wanted to say. Gender

I am a girl. I am an independent, feministic woman with an unfiltered thought process and a smart mouth. These four aspects of myself automatically make me less desirable to most men, who wants a girl who actually respects herself and knows her self worth? My mom raised me virtually alone, after my father was unfaithful. I still love my dad but my mom made me the woman I am today. My mom raised me to trust God with all my decisions, to be strong and brave; to do WHATEVER makes me happy despite what people say. However, being a woman means I am privileged and disadvantaged in several aspects of my life.

I am privileged because no one judges me when I participate in “boy” activities. “No one would raise an eyebrow at a girl who likes to throw a football or wearing a spider-man t-shirt,” (Padawer, pg. 1, 2012) in an American society the fact that I LOVE sports, wear baseball caps, am a sports car enthusiast and do archery are not looked down on. In fact in America “girls gain status by moving into ‘boy’ space, while boys are tainted by the slightest whiff of femininity. There’s a lot more privilege to being a man in our society” (Padawer, pg. 6, 2012). Due to the fact that I am a girl in America, I am praised if I have a dominating or “masculine” attitude, as long as I am not “too masculine.”

One reading from class that really affected me was the “Full Frontal Feminism” article by Jessica Valenti. She opened my eyes, well rather ripped them open to the fact that my life as a woman has many disadvantages that I will face for...
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