My Country

Topics: Poetry, Aesthetics, Wonders of the World Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: February 16, 2013
The poem deals with the natural splendour of the vast continent. It is very descriptive and aims to inform the reader of the vivid and unique Australian landscape. The theme of “My Country “is one of loyalty. Mackellar is almost romantic in her descriptions of the various natural wonders of the country; she acknowledges the beauty of England in the first verse but goes on to brag at the wonder of the contrasting beauty of her land. “My Country” is a deeply emotional poem with feelings of great pride in the reader. Mackellar speaks of rural Australia, where natural disasters can charge lives over night. She speaks of the fickle (changeable) nature of the weather and contrasts droughts, floods and fires. Feelings of wonder are evoked in the reader when she refers to the ability of the land to recover and rejuvenate (restore). Perhaps the greatest emotion is of wander at the sheer beauty of the land. She uses words such as core of my “heart” and love repeatedly. The form of “My Country “is free verse, although it can be classed as bush poetry, it does not fit the form of a ballad. It is highly descriptive and uses imagery beautifully to paint clear vivid pictures to its readers. Mackellar uses poetic devices to achieve an extremely powerful image of her country. Her use of metaphor is particularly strong “ An opal-hearted country is a great example as it gives us a clear picture of the magnificence of Australia’s colours, from the sapphire mountains, jewelled sea, white ring barked forest to the ragged mountain ranges. “The drumming of an army” helps us to imagine the pelting of rain on a drought ridden land. The poet often refers to the country as a women.
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