My Counseling Style

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DECEMBER 14, 2011

When I first read the explanation of the assignment, I immediately thought of what my

parents had instilled into me at a very early age. They would always say that God put us

here on this earth to do a job and that was to help others and love each other. That really

never made a lot of sense to me until I started working in the non-profit world over

twenty seven years ago. I realized then that my parents had taught me to believe that every

human being on this earth deserves to be loved and to be happy in their lives. I believe

every person should be treated with dignity and respect no matter what their situation is. I

believe that your family should come first in all aspects of your life and that each of us

make conscious decisions everyday that mold our lives into what they are. I also believe

that there is good in everyone, sometimes they just don’t know it.

The values I live by go along a lot with my beliefs in that by putting my family first and

having that closeness with people I love and care about, makes me the person I am today.

This started with my parents and my grandparents that are now deceased to my husband,

children and grandchildren that make up my life now. My values were planted at a very

early age and have grown and matured as I have. My grandmother and mother were

instrumental in teaching me and showing me that every person we meet has value and

should not be dismissed. From a very early age I learned that helping others was expected

of me and not just something that I could do if I wanted to do. I attended Sunday School

and Church with my family on a regular basis and the Christian values and principles that I

was taught parallel with what I was learning at home. These things have always been a

part of my life and I hope I have instilled them into my children and can be that inspiration

to my grandchildren that my grandmother was to me. I believe that every person you meet

has love and goodness within them but events in their lives may have tarnished their outlooks. As a counselor I hope that when those people come to me that I can help them

find their way back to loving themselves again.

My grandmother always said that your character speaks volumes about you. Also my

mother’s special saying to all of us was, “The Golden Rule”. If everyone followed that

one thing, Do unto others as you would have them do to you, this world would be a much

better space. It sounds so simple but many find it very difficult to abide by. I find myself

sometimes having a hard time following this but have found that when I do let myself I am

usually blessed by the outcome. I see my character as a reflection of my beliefs and values

that I have learned and nurtured from my family and church as I grew up. This along with

following my mother’s advice and using the Golden Rule are the basis for most of my

decisions and have become a valuable resource to me throughout my life. These beliefs

along with the values that my family taught me that were important, integrity, honesty and

respect for others, have brought me to where I am today. They are the roots to my tree of


I recall a book that my mother would read to me as a child, “The Engine That Could”. She

would always tell me after reading it that I could do or be anything I wanted if I would

just believe that I could. Just like that little engine, I find myself repeating the saying, I

think I can, I think I can, I think I can, whenever I let doubt come into my mind that

something cannot be accomplished. I use this in all aspects of my life. I also read that story

to my children and my...
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