My Conflict Management Philosophy

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Everyone has to deal with conflict at least once per week. Conflict helps to try and put ourselves in other person’s perspective. It is important to ask question and listen the other person’s point of view. If we know what their interpretation of the situation is, then it is easier to work out a solution. I had faced all these by myself before.

On the last Sunday afternoon, mother asked me to go out to buy the lunch. Unwillingly, I take the money that mother gave me then go out from the house. I went to the coffee shop that nearby my house to buy the lunch. On the way I go back to my house, I saw an accident happened at the road that nearby my house.

I saw a motorcycle was hit by a car. There are some passengers went nearer to see what was happened including me. Surprisingly, I saw my friend, which was Kevin was lie down beside the motorcycle. I quickly go to support him and let him to sit on a side. After make sure that he did not had any serious injured, then I ask him to explain to me the whole matter.

Originally, Kevin wanted to use the straight road, suddenly a car on his right hand side turned to the left. Kevin had no time to dodge then hit by that car’s driver who did not give signal when she turned to the left. As a result, Kevin was fall down with his motorcycle. Luckily Kevin just has a bit scratch on his hand and leg. On the other hand, the car’s door was dent. For the car’s driver, she was safe and just was shocked.

The car’s driver quickly gets out from the car. The car’s driver was very angry when she saw her car was dent. She asked Kevin to pay for her loss. Kevin stand up and negotiating with the car’s driver. Kevin explained to the car’s driver that actually that is her false. According to the road’s law, when a driver would like to turn a corner he or she should have to put a signal. Car’s driver did not accept Kevin’s explanation. She not only did not want compensate for the loss of Kevin,...
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