My Confirmation Speech

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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When we first were aware that our theme would be “That One Thing” It struck a chord in my heart, because, I love that song, and I almost immediately chose music to be my “One Thing”. Though now I was faced with a tougher challenge, writing a speech about all of us. It would have to somehow relate to music. It finally struck me again, almost everyone in our confirmation class can play an instrument or has a deep love with music. I know I have a deep rooted love with music. I've been writing heavy metal lyrics since 7th grade. I constantly practice guitar; I'm listening to every little nuance and somehow managing to fix it. I self produce home made dance songs. If you were to walk into my room, on my desk you would find a small keyboard, a mixing board, a laptop with a music software running and 3 guitars hanging from a four-way guitar stand. You would see a small amp and effect pedals that some of your favorite musicians might just be using. I work with other musicians all the time. On Fridays my best friend Alfredo comes over to help me fix problems with my next dance song. I go to school and talk music with my friends and how mad certain forms of the heavy metal genre make me. I remember when my sister, Aryn, and I first started out middle school, she took up the trumpet because she wanted an instrument that not everyone else wanted to play. I remember having to listen to her practice almost every night. Though now she hates the trumpet I still think it was one of the reasons I ever got into guitar because my sister had the determination for three years to play the trumpet. Though now I've progressed much farther than a person who has been playing for one year should, I still wish I could have said thank you to Aryn for giving me the determination to play an instrument in a less cheesy way, I still would like to say, thank you, Aryn. Though midway through 7th grade I believe, Zak Kapel joined our congregation. He would later become one of my best friends...
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