My Community and Its Impact on My Life

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My Community and Its Impact on My Life

My community is comprised of a small town surrounded by several bigger towns within a twenty mile radius. This small community has approximately 60 people in Harris and another 180 people in Newtown. Where I come from, you know everyone that lives in the town along with their favorite pet. Many Americans cannot say that they know as much about the neighbors in their community. I honestly believe my community is close knit and many of these people feel like they are family. At Newtown we have a store that is the local “gathering place”. Every time you go in to get groceries or a sandwich for lunch you end up having an hour conversation with someone you have met up with. Friends catch up on hunting stories, sports events, the workday, family happenings, and even birthdays. I believe my community cares about me and how I am doing. As a result of this, I strive to do my best in everything I try. The activities I love the most such as basketball, softball, track, hunting, fishing and helping others result from the community I grew up in. If I had lived in a large city I don’t know if I could have done all of these things. Our small school size contributed to my interest and involvement in so many activities. I wanted to help out and be part of the team. Participating in a variety of activities has helped to shape me into a motivated individual. I am a positive person who is conscious of being on time. I follow through with commitments, don’t quit, and ultimately try my best so others aren’t let down. The person I have become is, and always has been, impacted by my family and the community in which I live.
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