My College Experience Paper

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Intelligence Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Gary Mosorjak Mosorjak 1 William Thomas
First Year Experience (FYE 100)
February 2011
  Chapter 3 One-Minute Paper, page 3

The most interesting information I’ve gained within this chapter is how a persons emotions, described as E.I. can directly affect general moods. “Emotional Intelligence” in a positive way can lead us into rewarding performances throughout our lives. This opportunity to learn how to influence my abilities will always benefit in coping with life’s pressures and demands.

Assessing my E.I. and identifying my competencies gives me opportunity to improve my emotional self-awareness, to be more assertive but not over aggressive, gaining independencies, self-regard, and pride in school, along with personal life achievements.

It goes without saying that in any endeavor of life there are to be expected stressful situations and school is no exception. Completing assignments and those assignments piling up, as well, can be an ongoing occurrence along with the task of all the reading and preparing for tests. All of this can produce stress. The main ways in which I am learning to avoid being overstressed is by starting my reading tasks and assignments quickly and also making me focused and prioritizing my school work in an orderly fashion.

I’ve only just recently began a new college experience after being out of school for many years. I am in the early formation of meeting new people and establishing relationships with teachers and advisors. I have found it very helpful to become involved in group and individual student discussions and looking into joining college social clubs with mutual interests. My professors and advisors are very helpful and will remain that way as long as I take it upon myself to establish and to maintain ongoing communication with them. Things such as visiting...
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