My College Experience

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Personal Narrative
September 9, 2010
My College Experience
The transition from one environment to another can be a bit overwhelming. Well, the transition from being at home to college was very overwhelming for me. Everything was new to me and very different. From having trouble meeting new people to using a community bathroom with about 20 other girls on my floor… it was all new to me and took A LOT of getting used to. Eventually, I knew that everything was going to come together but because I was so impatient, I wanted things to start going like they were at home immediately.

“Are you ready to go?” was a question I heard all too much before leaving to come to Virginia State. “As ready as I’m going to get” was all I ever replied. I had bought everything I needed for my dormitory and supplies I needed for my classes. All that was left to do was show up. The day that I arrived at Virginia State I was pumped and ready to mingle. It was a nice hot day; they had everything planned for us to do, which meant meeting new people. Where I am from I was known as a social butterfly… meaning I liked to meet new people and like to get to know them. Well, a lot of people that came here were not as friendly as me. A lot of them already had their own cliques and I am not the one to intrude on them. So that bought my social butterfly personality to a halt. I was not fitting in like I did back home and it only made me feel worse about the whole college experience thing that I had heard so many good things about.

As if not fitting in was not bad enough, I had to share my bathroom space with about 20 or more other girls. I am very good with sharing but when it comes to sharing with that many people, it was a big adjustment. Everyone did not clean up behind themselves, which was a nightmare for a neat freak like me. There are only three showers and five stalls; just the thought of it made me cringe. That was the biggest adjustment for me coming to...
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