My Coat of Arms

Topics: Family Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Valerie Garza
Speech # 1: COA

I am going to start off in my coat of arms presentation with a symbol that most represents my family. I have chosen to start off with my family because they are the ones who have been the most influential in my life. My name is Valerie and to me life begins and ends with family. And my first three symbols, are a camping fire, a cross, and a yellow rose.

My first symbol is a camp fire.
A camp fire is important to me because it represents my family and I gathering around a camp fire. Each year since I can remember my family would make time out of our summer schedules to get together and plan a trip to the Frio River. This tradition started before I was born. My grandparents on my dad’s side would take my dad and his siblings to the river each summer. My dad and my aunt and uncles kept this tradition alive with their children (me, my brothers, and cousins). The reason why I chose a camp fire instead of a river which could be seen as an obvious choice is because, yes we would enjoy the river during the hot summer day but the time we all came together was at night when we gathered around the camp fire and really got to connect with each other. We would be silly and laugh and tell stories and recollect how much fun we had floating down the river.

My second symbol is a cross.
A cross represents my faith and my upbringing. My parents have taken us to church every Sunday since I was a small child. I was so passionate about studying the word of God as a child. As I grew older I started to rebel and thought I could do everything on my own and I forgot all I had learned as a child. Though I went through this phase my parents never stopped their beliefs and always insisted that as long as I lived under their roof I had to go to church with them no matter what time I came home on a Saturday night. I remember being so upset with them for doing this. In the year of 2008 my dad was diagnosed with cancer of his thyroid. My whole...
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