My City Is Breathing Tasteless Oxygen & Yours?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Pollution, Cruise ship pollution Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: December 11, 2012
My City is Breathing Tasteless Oxygen & Yours?

It is said that one can live without water for some days but without air no body can live for some counted minutes. Everyone knows this very clearly but nobody is concerned seriously about it. There are more than thousands of organizations which are working for reducing pollution, but they are unable in fixing restriction over it. Every day, thousands of seminars, presentations and meetings are conducted on this life enemy, all over the world. There is no benefit of these theoretical seminars, presentations and meetings etc..If one people of the world plants only one tree during his whole life, there will be plantation of 7 billion trees per year; and if every body plants a tree daily, our world will be the Heaven and the human journey can march towards some far generations and civilizations. Our politicians and our scientists have no time for planting a tree. Now a days, our politicians are indulge in polluting the humanity and our scientists in the experiments of nuclear weapons. As industries, vehicles, wars and population are increasing, pollution is also increasing. According to the statement of WHO, 2.4 billion people die every year because of air pollution. It reduces IQ of children and it is also the cause of high blood pressure and heart diseases. It may be controlled by reducing green gases but it may be! Clean air increases life expectancy, makes us feel alive keeps us far away from the fatal diseases. Air pollution is the main cause of extinction of bees, other small insects an birds. The fragrance of flowers is diminishing day by day and the production of corns is also getting badly affected. Fossil fuel is polluting the ocean. The life of fishes and other species are in danger. Some modern phenomenon like Carbon-credits and Kyoto-protocalls are valid but are not showing any positive result. These are increasing the beauty of theoretical constitutions only. We are well aware about plastic and...
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