My Choice of Graduation

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There is a very famous adage, “If you think education is expensive, and then try ignorance”. I could not agree more. I believe research is necessary to acquire data and formulate theories, but it is just as important to know how to apply those theories and use that data in the real world. To be competent and competitive I will require a master’s degree. A master’s degree will give me the up-to-date tools and knowledge that is the need of the hour.

It is after a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to pursue graduate studies in environmental engineering leading to a doctorate. This decision followed naturally after carefully considering my academic background, the areas of my interest, and my ultimate professional ambition, which is to pursue a research career, either as a teaching faculty member, or in an R & D department of the industry.

My undergraduate education at [college name], has provided me with a strong and comprehensive background in environmental management. The curriculum included all the basic courses such as Ecology, Environmental science, Air pollution and control, Environmental engineering, Solid waste management and water supply and sewage treatment, Industrial waste management.

I was highly impressed by the environmental management and its vast applications in my undergraduate studies. My special interest in environment and ecology made me to think in a different way and made me visualize pollution and control of different components. Taking this into concern, I made an attempt in the area of “Solid Waste Management”. Finally my paper on “Feasibility Of usage of Poultry Litter as Manure in Agricultural Practices” was published in the prestigious environmental journals. I was the only undergraduate student who submitted a paper to the international environmental journals in the last year.

I have just completed my Master’s in Environmental Science &Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. As a part of...
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