My Childhood Experience

Topics: Revenue, Corporation, Sole proprietorship Pages: 19 (1836 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Intramuros, Manila

College of business Administration and Accountancy
School Year 2005-2006

I. Course Number:ACCTG 2

II. Course Title:Introduction to Partnership and Corporation Accounting

III. Credit:3 units

IV. Prerequisite:Acctg. 1

V. Course Description:This is a continuation of the first course in accounting. It deals with transactions, financial statements, and problems peculiar to the operations of partnership and corporations as distinguished from sole proprietorships. Topics include: partnership formation and operations including accounting for the admission of partners, changes in capital, and profit-and loss sharing ratios, the conversion of an unincorporated enterprise into a corporation; accounting for incorporated enterprises, including the preparation of financial statements for internal and external purposes; and sample financial statements of companies in the service, manufacturing and trading industries.

VI. Course Rationale:To contribute to the full appreciation of the course, a student should be exposed to the formation, operations, dissolution, and liquidation of partnerships, basic considerations in forming a corporation and stock transactions.

VII. Course Objectives:
A. General Objective:

At the end of the course the students are expected to have achieved a thorough understanding of the principles, theories, concepts, structures and relationships of a partnership and the corporate form of business enterprise.

B. Specific Objectives:
• Establish a thorough and working understanding of the overall concepts and principles of accounting as applied to the partnership and corporate forms of business organization as well as the provision of partnership laws related to the formation, objections, dissolution and liquidation; knowledge in the accounting of partnership transactions including conversion of sole proprietorship to partnership; provisions of corporate law related to formation, capital structure and operations of a corporate form of organization; knowledge in the accounting of corporate transactions, including conversion of partnership to corporation.

• Accept the business and social responsibilities attached to both the partnership and corporate forms of business. • Integrate the values of honesty, objectivity, mutual trust and concern. • Value the importance of basic accounting principles leading to the construction of financial information for decision-making.

• Perform the necessary steps in the preparation of financial statements of the partnership and corporate forms of business whether engaged in trading or manufacturing operations.

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