My Childhood

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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In every person’s life , there are many important times. One of them is childhood . Some people may argue that childhood is the happiest time in a person’s life, other think that it isn’t so. But for me , I had the happiest memories as well as the saddest memories in childhood. When I was a child , the world seemed to be a place of a joy and happiness to me. There was nothing worth worrying about because my parents always looked after me .Also , I lived with the full of my grandmother’s love .I used to live in the small house in the countryside . When i was 3 years old , I was sent to a kinder-garden. Because I was a silly girl , I felt hard to make friend and I also felt lonely in school. At home , my grandmother always was the first person who asked what it had happened in that day . While I was telling her the story about how i felt in school ,she was listening carefully . After that , she soothed me and gave me some advice that could help me become more cheerful . But when i was six , my family had to move in a new house in Ho Chi Minh city because of my father’s business .In that time , I felt very upset . I remembered I always cried bitterly when I was in bed. Because I missed my grandmother so much , my mother had to told her about me . Everydat , my grandmother tried to keep in touch with me . In addition , she encouraged me in my studies . The bad memories that I always remember is that I was told that my grandma died of the stroke when I was 10 . In her funeral , my heart died within me because I can’t believe that she didn’t live with me anymore . Because of her encouragement , I was not a funk in school . Now I am 18 years old , I can make friend easily . In my heart , I never forget every memories about her .
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