My Challenge of 8th Grade

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  • Published : January 7, 2002
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My Challenge of Eighth Grade

One of my challenges for my eighth grade year is to get A's and B's all four grading periods. I have never had trouble with grades but I have noticed that as I get older I have to work harder to maintain good grades. The assignments and test have become more challenging and harder to pass. Getting good grades is very important to me because it shows me that I can succeed in academics as well as physical and social activities.

During the school year I will do several things to improve my changes of getting on the honor-roll. First I must always ask questions, even if I feel dumb speaking up and letting everyone know that I don't understand. I would be cheating myself if I didn't ask questions. I will always do my homework and check it over so I know that it is the best it can be. Having good attendance would also aid in getting good grades. When I am not at school I can't hear first hand what the teacher has to say about assignments and homework which could give me a different view on how to approach the assignment. Maintaining good relationships with my teachers and friends could also help me, by having these good relationships I will be prepared mentally. I plan to use every second of each class to complete my homework to the best of my ability.

If I achieve my goal or face my challenge I will be very happy and enthusiastic to show myself that I could accomplish that. I would also treat myself to something nice for the hard work that I did. Getting on the honor-roll would be a very big accomplishment to me.
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