My Career: Rigistered Nurse

Topics: Music, Orchestra, Melody Pages: 3 (392 words) Published: May 15, 2013
1. Colors

When used in a musical context, refers to the unique, individual sounds of different instruments. For example, a violin has a very different tone color than a flute. 2. Composer

Someone who writes music. Often used to refer to someone who writes notated art music, but can include songwriters and electronic musicians as well. 3. Conductor

Leader of the orchestra.
4. Develop

Elaborate on a musical idea by changing different aspects of it. 5. Form

The structure of a musical composition.
6. Fragmentation

Shortening a motive by taking away notes or only using a part of it. 7. Lyrical

Like singing. Often used to describe music with the capacity to express great emotion. 8. Motive

A short musical idea that is elaborated upon. It may consist of just a few notes or be a part of a larger theme. 9. Musical aesthetics

A philosophical approach to the idea of beauty in music.
10. Musical parameters
Ways to measure the elements of music.
11. Music cognition

Research dealing with the essential mental processes involved in listening to music. 12. Musicology

The study of the historical and scientific aspects of music. 13. Music theory:

The development of methods to analyze the elements of music and the study of the history of analysis. 14. Opus

Literally, means "work." Opus numbers are used to catalogue a composer's compositions, usually ascending in the order they were published. 15. Orchestration

Assigning different musical lines to different instruments or groups of instruments. One group might play the melody(the main theme of the piece, usually played in the upper register) while another the harmony (a series of notes that complement the melody, usually played in the middle register) and a third might be assigned the bass line (a repeated series of notes played in the lower register). 16. Repertoire

A collection of works available to perform. Also used to refer...
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