My Career Plan

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  • Published: November 19, 2010
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This report aims at planning my personal career. Here are four sections consisted of my preferred personal career, my networking strategy, my online professional presence and my written job applications. All these details are based on my previous personal brand, my ideal career and basic marketing knowledge.

Four sections
1. My preferred personal career
1) Explain which career type I prefer
I prefer the Portfolio Career. Here are the reasons why I choose it as follows. * I can pick up my favourite career because I have more opportunities to try different jobs. * It saves much time to do many jobs at the same time because time weighs a lot to the youth. * Many opportunities to engage in personal and professional development as result of being exposed to different roles. * During the period of the balancing different jobs, I am able to enhance the ability of time management. * Because attention is easily abstracted from one job to another, I can train my focus on one thing. * Doing many jobs gives me greater inner fulfillment.

* It feels free from corporate agendas and politics. ①
* It can combine professional and personal commitments flexibly. * I have some strengths of my SWOT which can be applied in the Portfolio Career. Good at being adapted to new environment
Easily developing interest in something
Accomplishing tasks with organized plans after consideration * At the same time, I can overcome some weaknesses.
Not good at making friends in the right way
Reserved in some questions
Losing patience sometimes

2) Describe the kind of organization I would ideally like to work for and the sort of marketing position I would like to aim for within that kind of organization. I really like the organizational structure of Lenovo which was mentioned in my Block B Report. The organization is divided by the kinds of products firstly, and then the geographical markets and the basic hierarchical job...
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