My Career Choice

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What exactly is the definition of a career? A career is best defined as an individual’s “course or progress through life”, as stated in the Oxford English Dictionary. A career; is a long term job that you must get extensive schooling for, put lots of time and effort into, and to make sure that it is something you are going to enjoy doing. Not very many people in today’s day and age are certain of what they want to do in the future; however, I want to take my knowledge in Business, and advance with at least an associates degree, if not more.

These are the following reasons why I chose this career: knowledge of the business, being able to be an authoritative figure, and of course, to make more money in the line of work I enjoy doing. I currently have 5 years of experience being an Assistant Manager at Hess; on the other hand, I still learn something new everyday. Whether it be something new about a customer, or about how something functions, or just simple ‘coaching’ moments that my boss gives me. I most certainly enjoy learning these types of new things because when I do; not only does it enlarge my current knowledge, but it makes me feel good to go home and say “I learned something new today!”

Once I get a degree in business, a few options would be open to me. Those options being: taking a step up to become a General Manager, or taking an even bigger leap and becoming a Marketing Representative. General Managers are in charge of the store; whereas, the Marketing Representative is in charge of numerous stores. I’m leaning more towards the Marketing Rep. position because I would have much more authority. For example; I would love to walk in to lots of Hess stations every single day and say, “Why this, and why that?” Or, to be able to call up stores and say, “why haven’t you gotten this done!” This has just been something that I have developed a passion to want to do since I have been working for the company.

It has been known in this...
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