My Career Aspirations

Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: January 30, 2013
All people think about their aims and plans for the future. When we were children we dreamed to be a political leader, a police officer, a firefighter, a doctor, a teacher and so on. Most of us wanted to be important for the world and make it better. Everybody wants to know that they are making an impact on the world, and my career aspirations have always followed this basic rule. I decided two years ago that my mission in this world is to be an economist. And now I try to reach the goal by studying in KBTU. After finishing the university I plan to get a Master’s Degree and find enthralling and gainful job. First of all I would like to be a professional in my work and I try my best to do it. I am very hardworking person, to my mind it is the most significant criteria for achieving any aim in the life. Moreover I must love my work, because of this I chose the profession. I catch on economy and finance, I like to read news and watch films about this. And I ready to study and study. I think in our days if you want to be a real specialist it is very important to have a Master’s Degree. Furthermore I like art very much, I play the piano and draw, and because of this I am creative and unusual person. I hope these qualities will help me in my career. In my opinion when economists, managers and financiers have good imagination it is a big plus. Such people can analyze better and make up new ideas. I am sure that my talents will help me to get a good job which I will love. Also I hope that I will be able to change something in our world, and improve our economy and as a result people’s life in Kazakhstan. In conclusion I would like to say that everyone should have own aspirations in his/her career. Sometimes it is very difficult to reach some aims, but if you really want something you will find decision how to get it.
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