My Business Core Values

Topics: Employment, Core issues in ethics, Marketing Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Fundamental Core Values

If I start a new company, I would like to build 5 core values into the business: 1.Respect each other
2.Given responsibility
3.Building trust
4.We bring happiness and safety to others
5.Understanding our goal and our mission. Let’s achieve them together.

Respect Each Other
When I talk about respect each other, I mean everyone on this earth: colleagues, our customers or clients, homeless, disabled, etc. We have to respect each other in the company because we are a team. We have to do business together, and we can’t do well without anyone. Charles M. Brewer (2001), who is a principal in Green Street Properties LLC, putted “respect the individual” as the primary foundation of their set of core values and beliefs. According to Mr. Brewer, “we’re going to try to let people do great work; rather than make them do great work.” The word “work” in this sentence, I would like to explain it as both selling products or services and purchasing products or services. If I open a business, I prefer to suppose that all human beings are my employees. Some of them help me sell products or services. Some of them buy them. A business can’t do well without both employees and customers; therefore, we have to respect everyone in the world.

Given responsibility
Everyone in the company, both you and I, have responsibility to do our job. We have responsibility to take care of our duties; we have responsibility to answer for our actions, and we have responsibility to do what we say we are going to do. We have to have responsibility when we doing our business with consumers, because we depend on them. We have to have responsibility when we work with our co-workers.

Building Trust
Trust equals credit, and credit is the lifeblood of a business. Gerald Grinstein (2005), who is the chairman and CEO of delta Air Lines, said, “Trust is a very fragile thing. Once broken, once changed, it’s very hard to recover and it’s not something that...
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