My Brothers Peculiar Chicken

Topics: Want, Immortal Records, Filipino people Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: September 6, 2013
As I’ve read the story of Cocks and Hens, it seems so confusing and hard to get the real meaning of the story. I keep on thinking, what’s wrong with the gender of it? Why the gender of the chicken is seem so important to them? But as I go on reading for it. For me, it is not about the real gender of the chicken which the writer wants to establish through the readers but rather the Filipino culture that we have and how do Filipinos deal with certain issues. First example of it, is in the scene were in the family is complete, talking about certain issues while eating lunch together is one example of the Filipino culture that we have. Most typical Filipino families usually serves this way to communicate and interact with the members of the family, to be able to be more open and to settle the issues that the members of the family encounter.

Second, Filipino culture that I also notice is when the two brothers went to Tenienteng Tasio which is the elder in their community to get some pieces of advice and decisions regarding about the issue about the peculiar chicken. For us Filipinos we usually go to the elder one to get some pieces of advice most especially in life. It is because they all have the experience and it seems more authoritative when they make a certain advice and decisions. Third, the cockfights is also one of our Filipino culture that we have, in which Filipinos use it as form of their enjoyment and of course in the other hand to make money as well. Even though we all know it is also can be call a gambling yet this is still part of our culture, that make stand out to the rest.

Sometimes, Filipinos when we have a certain issues, they usually make a big deal of it, until the certain issue became a big problem. Just like in the story, were the two brothers keep on arguing in the issue about the gender of the chicken until it became their problem. Also Filipinos sometimes are judgmental, we usually look at the physical aspect nor in the capabilities...
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